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Pieces of life

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Federico Goretti was born in Catania in 1999 and from the first years of his life he showed a lively interest in everything that is musical.

As a teenager, he approached the piano timidly, falling in love with the world of classical music and composition. Incurable lover of musical Romanticism and fervent connoisseur and scholar of the figure of F. Chopin, he confirms his passions graduating with honors, at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome, in Literature Music and Performing Arts with a thesis entitled “The great piano collections in Chopin, Liszt and Alkan: some analytical and stylistic reflections”. He is currently studying Musicology at the aforementioned university.

Pieces of life

Twelve pieces, real fragments of the composer’s life; let yourself be carried away in a journey that – between existential moments and breathtaking landscapes – will leave you speachless.

Altri album

Lonely night

Melody Studio

Summer Breeze

Melody Studio

the x-one

Melody Studio

Youtube videos

Enjoy the wonderful youtube videos of the composer’s pieces.

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